Causes Of Urban Decay

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Urban decay is the process where a part of the city falls into a bad condition, the decay can feature into the high unemployment, bad effect on economy, deserted buildings, poor families, no political support and many more catastrophes which will adversely affect the human life in that area . In the year of 1970 and in the year of 1980, urban decay has been linked with the western cities where this disaster happened on these two respective years and most frequently it takes place in North America where the rate of urbanization is excessively high. The changes in the government policies, global economies and transportation cause the urban decay.

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Urban decay can be seen very commonly in the European countries and countries of North America. Those countries which are beyond the urban decay display the slum areas present at the outer- edge of Metropolitan cities, where the real estate development is always high and upholds an increasing population. Urban decay never has a single cause, it always occur from the combinations of interrelated socio economic conditions, which include the planning of urban cities, construction of railway and roads which bypass the area or connect the different areas, poverty of the population, depopulation by the unimportant lands, no help from the real estate and in-tolerant colonization restrictions. All these are the multiple causes of urban decaying. Urban decay leads to overexploitation of the urban resources and unsustainable growth which is very harmful for the environment as well as the future generations. The only remedy to stop urban decay is to use alternative renewable resources of energy.
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Causes Of Urban Decay

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This article was published on 2010/12/10